"Poets, come out of your closets,
Open your windows, open your doors,
You have been holed-up too long
in your closet worlds"

-- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

      CLICK ON HOME  ⇓ — LINK TO FESTIVAL’S WEB & PROGRAMME           Once again, I was delighted to be performing next to Michael Horovitz — as guests to NEW RIVER PRESS        Curious Arts Festival is held at Pylewell Park Pylewell East End Lymington SO41 / New Forest   […]
GREAT EVENING  Fantastic artists and performers — every bit of it was great, from Audience to Graham Coxon’s Saxophone,  Damon Albarn’s great piano playing — A lot of Black Panther Power  & of course Michael Horovitz —  v i s i o n a r y  Very often social feedbacks do not include me but […]
NEW RIVER PRESS FEEDBACK & PHOTOS ⇐click on link     Next Wednesday 20th December 2017 New River Press is hosting an event at Pentameters Theatre (The Horseshoe, 28 Heath St, London NW3 6TE) Launching its YEARBOOK 2017-2018 which features 112 poets    The party is open to everyone -- Come and join us -- There'll be […]
Dear Friends  Find enclosed a PDF attachment with David Russel’s latest Poetry Express Newsletter which features numerous articles, poems, news, reviews, essays & a beautiful number of my art works withal. David Russel’s email is PEN welcomes poems, art-works, reviews and articles of general interest related, in the broadest sense, to Mental Health issues. […]
  WELCOME TO FRESTONIA Last Wednesday 11th October I was invited to read my poem Prayer for Grenfell Tower at the opening of Welcome to Frestonia, a photography exhibition (works by Tony Sleep) celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Free Independent Republic of Frestonia, which had been founded by a group of people who made used […]
On Saturday 30th September as part of the 2017 Poetry Book Fair in Conway Hall’s Brockway Room, Live New Departures/Poetry Olympics present a Quartet of performance poetry players, Vanessa Vie, John Hegley, Adam Horovitz & Michael Horovitz – alternating individually & conjoined in Wordsounds unlimited... Conway hall flyer page one FINAL-1⇐click TO GRENFELL TOWER :4th […]
It was an honour to be part of BLAKE FEST 2017 IN BOGNOR REGIS next to great poets, artists and musicians celebrating Blake’s inspiration & ubiquitousness  BlakeFest_A5_4pp ⇐⇐ click on this link for information       AND ALSO ⇓⇓⇓   Come along if…  
    Going to Heathcote Williams’s Funeral ⇐ Ω click     Going to Heathcote Williams’s Funeral ⇐⌈⌉click        Going to Heathcote Williams’s Funeral:one page ⇐Λ click      
  ANOTHER INVISIBLE INSURRECTION CLICK ⇒    London Print Studio   ⇐  FLIER       MAGNIFICENT PRINTS FOR SALE  —  RATHER AFFORDABLY    Artists exhibiting                                                               […]
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SOME OF MY VISUAL INVENTIONS: PAINTINGS & COLLAGES. The soundtrack to the slide, ‘Jazz Kitchen’ is a poem of mine with Peter Lemer on piano. This track (still work in progress) will be part of VVie & M Horovitz’s forthcoming album ‘Lyrical Soulmates Unanimous’. Recorded at Moving Finger Studio (Bishops Stortford). Click on the Collage below to see the slide and listen to the track.
Drawings & other Little Visual Inventions/ Click on photo below to see the slide. The soundtrack-song ‘Song of the Firebird’ was written in 2014 for MH. It’ll be included in the forthcoming album ‘Lyrical Soulmates Unanimous’.
2019 Photo taken by friend & photographer Lubka Gangarova. Click on the photo to access her website.
Below, Michael Horovitz & myself outside The Hepworth Wakefield Gallery. Photograph by Joanne Crawford []. Click on the photo to access New Departures/Poetry Olympics’s website.
‘Sky Rocket’ — In between 2005 and 2009 I fronted the alternative-rock band: Rockatron. We were recording our first album when the band broke in 2009. Click on the photo-edit below taken by Jo Syz [] life at The Dublin Castle, Camden, to listen to the track.
Click on IT logo below to access International Times Home Page. Includes: OPEN WINDOWS (Press Release by Adam Horovitz) & THE NAME ON THE DOOR (review by David Erdos)